A112 ABARTH : Our old little car.

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Our old little car had a great big past: it was driven by some good pilots like Piero Longhi in the 80's italian autocross championship. Its engine is the  956 c.c. Abarth, shorter gear box and all racing modifications made by the great mechanic Vicario in Borgomanero (No),Italy. 

But these pictures are about what there is not anymore.
So I think it is nice to dedicate this part of the site to what gave us great times and fun and a looot of work. Make it work was a challenge (here is a video made in 1995, the first time we went to the track)  that continues with its cousin "little wild one" tubolar prototipe..
Pictures are not so good but I think they gave you the idea of what it could do.(Sig!)




The somersault was always so near.
What a show!



There was a lot of work for everyone anytime we went to the track and pictures sign it.

At the top you can see the  Nek's picture when he was upside down. It was so nice, he said, but after that we had to pension off the car because the top of the car itself was resting upon the roll bar.(SIG!). For the ones who want to know how he (do not) drives properly  here is a video and another one here.




Other pictures dedicated to The Destroyer. Nek never turned back when there was to ruin something but the car never broke and leave us on the ground. For example:

- the first time the car always seemed to turn off by itself: One lap each time. It was the fuel pump that we changed.

- the second time it was december,24 and it began to snow. One wheel broke but we changed it without many problems. But there was a magic atmosfere.

- very muddy third time and of couse the car stopped on the whorse part of the track. Only superman could make it came out of that spot but luckly some friends came and eventually we managed to make it. After that I lived on my arm-chair for two days because of that effort. The problem was the electric part of the car that we changed.


- Some pictures of the time we decided to use the car on the snow but The Earl crashed on a wall with the right part of the car ruined. Some spray paint and some work made by an hammer and it returned newer than it was. Here is the wonderful video!


- One time the cluch broke. We countinued running on the track by pushing the car on starting it like during olimpic bob races. Afther we changed the cluch on my grand mother field in a nice wood were we carried the car. 

- One time an "expert" adviced us to connect a tube that came near the carburator that was left on its own. It was the return to the fuel tank that the mechanic left unconnected because it was not useful. But we connected it anyway and we found after few laps the cockpit full of fuel. Very dangerous. Next time we bought an extingusher.

- And so on....

Thank you A112, You'll always be in our dreams.